when you genuinely like and care for someone but can’t express it without being weird




my favorite part of any leverage episode is when the bad guy is wondering who could have possibly beat them and then they turn around and the leverage team is standing there lined up all smug and the bad guy just stares because they can’t do anything about it

that’s my favorite part

And then Sophie and Eliot do a synchronized hair flip that also leaves the mark sexually confused and frustrated.

Does anybody want to come cuddle with me?

I have lots of candy and Quentin Tarantino movies.


I really shouldn’t have chucked as much as I did

New ‘Into the Dalek’ Stills [x]

Dolce Gabbana ss14 + hair colors | inspired by (+)






Shout out to girls who don’t mind being called dude and man casually

shout out to boys who don’t mind being called guuurrl 

shout out to humans who don’t mind being called dawg

shout out to dogs who will let you call them anything so long as you say it in  a happy, friendly tone.

Shout out to Guinea Pigs which are neither pigs nor from Guinea.  

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul thanking each other in their Emmy acceptance speeches


once i was babysitting my neighbor’s 6 year old and she asked me why i was so ugly and without thinking i said “i’m you from the future” and she cried for like 30 minutes