Cage The Elephant was more than amazing last night.

They had so much energy. Matt was just pure perfection as he shook, and jumped and screamed. He made jokes about licking people’s faces and about how much he wished there was an Indian Jones ladder so he could meet the people in the balcony and then fall 40 feet and let us pass around his unconcious body. Yeah. It was just pure perfection. I was literally up front, and I’m pretty sure he looked at me a few times when he was talking. Andandandand, once, right after he stage dove and was getting back on stage, he got stuck on my head. Yeah. Matt Shultz was sitting on my head. No big deal or anything. It was just the best night of my life. They were amazing. I’m sorry Silversun Pickups, but Cage The Elephant will always and forever be more badass than you.

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